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Food Specialist Coaching

Experience your personalized foods like never before.

Your answers to creating tasty and energizing meals using the foods that are best for you, tailored to your health and wellbeing goals. Suitable for people searching for more ideas, better health, and improvement in health conditions.

What’s involved?
Whether you are wanting a full experience for 12 months of personalised meals and coaching, or you are wanting to tweak your knowledge and cooking skills to maximise ph360 and Shae, you will find the answers here.
How a Food Specialist experience differs…
Dr Cam, Regina and Mark have been living, cooking and coaching the ph360 lifestyle longer than most practitioners around the world. As a result, they bring a unique skill set to the ph360-Shae food experience. You can read more about the Food Specialist team right here.

Mark and Me, Yvonne Gloor can help you find your best Coaching packages.

Is this you? Have you asked yourself that question too?

It’s the worst: You’ve been dieting, but the number’s

the same every time you step on the scale.

So why isn’t your diet working when you see friends

and celebrities shedding pounds while on it?

Since your body is genetically different from everyone

else’s, the foods that are healthy and metabolism

boosting for others-even your family might not be right

for you.

But what if I told you there was a way to know the

exact foods to eat and those to avoid? A way to know the

best times of day for you to eat, and how to select meals

for changes in your lifestyle and environment? What if I

told you there was a tool that could give you a diet

designed just for you?

Until now, there was no simple way of knowing which foods

were right for your body.

All of that changed when I learned about ph360, a

revolutionary software app that uses your body’s

measurements, condition and lifestyle habits to calculate

the ideal meal plan and foods for your body. Beyond diet,

ph360 provides a comprehensive and personalized plan for

every arena of your life, integrating ancient medical

science and modern technology unlike any other software

in the world.

Click here  ph360me to explore exactly how ph360 can reveal a better

way for you to lose weight, eat healthfully and tap into

new levels of energy and well-being.

I can’t wait to see you achieve the results you’ve been

waiting for with the support of ph360!
Yvonne Gloor, Synergy Nutrition