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Functional Testing Menu

To have a deeper look into your health I can utilize different functional tests. Why guess if we can test.

  • Hair Analysis for food sensitivity
  • D.U.T.CH Test for Hormonal and Adrenal issues
  • Genova Organix Test for Metabolic Analysis
  • Intestinal Permeability / Gut and Liver Function




ph360 Personalised Health Coaching

What is ph360?

Everyone is different and, as a result, needs completely different things to live in best health. With access to the education and technology of ph360.

I can help you take the guesswork out for you so you know what foods to eat, when is your ideal time to exercise and working with your natural talents.

Rock Star DeTox Programs for your Health Type

Customized Programs for your Health Type where I adress specific issues.

  • More Energy and Vitality
  • Gut Repair / Elimination Diet
  • Clear Skin / Anti Aging

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