Fat-Burning Workouts For a Flat Tummy

by | Jul 22, 2017 | Fitness

Just about everyone wants a flatter tummy, but just losing weight isn’t always going to get you there. You also need to add certain workouts that help you to target the right areas. These workouts are perfect for getting a flat tummy.

Side Plank

You already know that a regular plank is great for burning fat and is awesome for your core, arms and legs, but for a flat tummy, a side plank is even better. This isn’t the easiest move to pull off, and does take practice. But the more often you try it, the stronger you get, and the better you will be. Plus for every practice session, you are working out muscles that burn fat and flatten your tummy more and more. The side plank is done by lying on one side and resting on your elbow, then putting the opposite hand on the other shoulder or on the hip. Hold it for a few seconds, then switch to the other side.

Reverse Plank

Another plank exercise that is good for a flat tummy and will burn more fat is the reverse plank, sometimes referred to as a plank hover. This is also similar to a plank but with a few modifications that help to work more muscles. Instead of your face close to the ground, you are doing it the other direction. You can start it by sitting on the ground with your feet facing forward. You want to put your hands on the ground and try to lift your body up to where your hips are a little bit off the ground. Hold it for a few seconds and release. Try a few repetitions if you can.

Alligator Drag

This last move is not a plank, but it works just as many muscles and is perfect for getting a flat tummy. You are going to work out your entire core, plus you will work on upper and lower body msucles at the same time. You need a good amount of ground to use, up to 20 yards as you are going ot be moving ahead of you. You also need something to help you slide across the floor, like a plastic bag or towel. Get into a full pushup on the ground, then put the objects under your feet. You are going to walk and slide forward, then walk backward.

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